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Diffusers, Salt Lamps and Sprays

Diffusers are a great way to add fragrance to any room or your car and the aromas will freshen areas around you.

Diffusers can be very decorative and compliment any décor as well as give you a nice aroma that always lingers through your home.


Reed Diffusers

A Reed diffuser is a glass container filled with scented oil that comes with reeds

These are that are then put into the liquid, or fragrant oil.

The reeds, made out of Ratten, soak up the fragrance and emit an aroma as they continue to soak up the oil.

Car Diffusers

A Car diffuser is a little bottle with a wooden lid that absorbs the fragrance and freshens the smell in your car. Hang it from your rear view mirror.

Re-fresh the fragrance by tipping the bottle upside down with the wooden top on.