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Soy Wax Melts

What is a wax melt?

Simply put a soy wax melt cube replaces the water and fragrance oil you would normally burn in the top of an oil burner.

All you have to do is place the new soy wax melt cube on any oil burner and light the tea light. The wax will melt and release our lovely fragrance through your home for up to 10hrs per cube

What happens if I don't want to burn the melt for 10hrs?

When the heat source is extinguished the wax will re-solidify into a solid block on the top of the burner. When you are ready to enjoy the smell through your home again, simply re-light the tealight candle and the wax will melt again releasing the scent through your room/home.

You may have an electric melt warmer. In this instance, simply place your wax melt in the top dish and turn your warmer on.

Whe finished turned off and the wax will solidify ready for next time.

All of our melts are made of natural soy wax they have a great scent throw (meaning they fill the room with a nice strong smell). Each melt pack will provide up to 60hrs of fragrance when burnt on an oil burner with a single tealight candle.

Please note: Melt Warmers may burn through at a faster rate.