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Announcing our full range is available now at the new Eat Shop Love store in Mt Annan Central shopping centre!

A collaboration of local businesses offering Fashion, handmade candles, children's clothing, bears, jewellery, gift wares, homewares, local art and plenty more!

How can you bring candles in to your life to shift your energy?

We are all looking for something to make our lives better yeah?I first started handpouring natural soy candles over 7 years ago.I was looking for Christmas gifts and was getting a bit over the everyday voucher. I really wanted to give something that was personal and meaningful.That’s when I stumbled across a gorgeous candle store in the mountains. It made [...]

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Bringing you the Wick'd Way of Wellbeing

We have been head down bum up for the past three months and here is why!I have registered to be an exhibitor and presenter at the Festival of Dreams on October 7th to 9th at The Hordern Pavilion in Sydney.It is quite a large event with some fantastic exhibitors and speakers around confidence, empowerment, health, [...]

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How do I care for my soy scented candles?

The first burn should be the best burn. Always burn your scented soy candle for the first time until an even pool of melted wax forms in the container and has reached the container edge. This ensures you do not experience 'tunneling' - you have spent good money on your soy candles so you want to get the most [...]

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Taking it to the next level

So it's been a little while in between blogs! I don't know about you but I am wondering where the year has gone already.I was celebrating the new year what feels like a few weeks ago. January disappeared, February seemed to fly past and March was, well, non existent!I put it down to being busy and [...]

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Why We Give Gifts on Valentine's Day

The month of February is known to be the season and month of love. In general, gifts on Valentine’s Day are regarded as tokens of friendship and everlasting love, wherein the tradition of giving gifts for loved ones had started more years ago, and still being practiced to showcase the love that we feel towards our partners, family and [...]

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Why Do We Use Terms of Endearment? Understanding Expresssions of Love

Nightly Call to my partner when he's at work to say "Night Babe!" is something that has become a ritual of mine. With out a "Good Night Babe" before drifting off to sleep seems weird, unsettling and leaves my day unfinished.So why do we do it? why do we come up with these pet names [...]

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Making appearances this year locally - supporting local community

I have been busy making preparations for 2016.I am so excited that we have scheduled in our dates for Mount Annan Marketplace already up until next Christmas! And we have only just gotten over last Christmas! But it is best to be prepared and I wanted to give you all as much notice as possible to [...]

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Bonbonniere, Bonboniere, Bomboniere, Bombonniere or however you want to spell it!

I was planning our wedding in 2015 alongside many other brides. I felt pressure to come up with something unique and different for my own wedding bonbonniere (? spelling? again who knows!)As you can imagine everyone expected handcrafted scented candles to be sitting there at their tables in front of them when they arrived in [...]

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New Year brings change, new ideas, fresh start and renewing energy

So we rang in the new year in a very relaxed manner in the Wick'd household.After a nice late lunch and a movie, we spent the night at home enjoying a bottle of wine, some good tunes and watching the always impressive Sydney Harbour fireworks on TV.The new year is here and we are feeling [...]

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