Australian Made

Extra day off? 
The Best thing about being part of the Commonwealth, is the extra day off to celebrate the Queen's Birthday.
So what are your plans?
Maybe it's a quiet relaxing time at home with the family, or a chaotic quick camping trip away. Or is anyone off for a spot of shopping???
Maybe today if you hit the shops for a browse take the time to read the tag or label.
It’s a very interesting exercise to do.
And you will be surprised when you realise that a brand you thought was Aussie isn’t 
I came across a brand recently that I had always believed to be made here. I was shocked to find out it is now being made in China
So Is it Australian Made?
You can look for the little green triangle with the kangaroo. Or look for the ingredients and where they come from.
Is it manufactured or handmade here or overseas?
Does it include imported products?
But I can hear everyone saying "Australian made" is more expensive.
Something that’s $10 from China or $15 from Australia may make you jump for the cheaper option
Where does your money go?
Who are you supporting?
Who are you having an impact on?
You could be giving someone a job who needs it…
Buy Aussie - Your kids will appreciate it in the future 🇦🇺💕🇦🇺