Beach Surprise - Beach Surprise is a fun take on the classic tropical fragrances, combining fresh pineapple, lime, and tart cranberries to give you the punch of freshness.

 🥇Sex on the Beach Cocktail Recipe (3min recipe): Liquor Online


Black Raspberry - Black Raspberry is a fusion of ripened black raspberries warmed with sugared vanilla that creates a sweet and delightful scent.

 Eating black raspberries may reduce incidences of itchy, red skin

Coconut Lime - Coconut Lime is an enthralling combination of fresh coconut, lime, and revitalizing verbena soothed by luscious vanilla creates the perfect refresher. A timeless classic fragrance that continues to entice.

 Coconut Lime Bread - Good Living Guide

 French Pear - French Pear has a mist of golden pear with a twist of flavorful melon and green apples. While sensual musk gives it a nice body and warmth, white orchid blossom lingers in the background.

  French Pear Fragrance Oil : Cosy Owl, Candle Making Supplies & Soap Making  | Craft Supplies Specialists

Lavender Cucumber Sage - Lavender Cucumber Sage is a perfect mix of cucumber and soothing sage. Wild lavender, white lilies, chamomile, violet and bois de rose combine in a perfect proportion to give a long-lasting fragrance. LAVENDER CUCUMBER SAGE FRAGRANCE OIL - 8 OZ - FOR CANDLE & SOAP  MAKING BY VIRGINIA CANDLE SUPPLY - FREE S&H IN USA

Lemongrass Sage - Lemongrass Sage is a delightful combination of garden herbs and citrus notes. This fresh scent is made up of hearty lemongrass and earthy sage.

 Soy Candle Lemongrass Sage 16 oz

 Sandalwood Vanilla - In Sandalwood Vanilla, hot amber, orchid, jasmine, and a creamy vanilla layer combine in this soft floral scent with smooth woody notes.

 Crafters Choice™ Sandalwood Vanilla - EO & FO Blend 214 - Wholesale  Supplies Plus


Tall, Dark & Handsome - Tall, Dark and Handsome is a seductive and attractive scent. It resembles a sharp masculine aftershave fragrance with sharp notes of bergamot and cedar wood, coupled with warm leather and musk base notes.

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Vanilla Cashmere -

Vanilla Cashmere is a soft flower-like fragrance infused with vanilla based notes.

 Cashmere Vanilla – Daniel Joseph Candles



Vanilla Caramel

Enriched with sweet and salty buttery caramel, this scent is balanced perfectly with rich, creamy vanilla, coconut and tonka bean.

Vanilla Caramel Fragrance Oil