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Styling and Scented Coco Soy Candles

Styling might not be what you think of when wanting to get the most out candles or scent decor, but it is a major point when cultivating your ambiance. Sometimes just lighting a candle isn’t enough to really get the full effect, you want to set the scene for yourself.

Today we are sharing some simple ways we like to style your candles. These helpful tricks will make you a styling pro, using what you probably already have around you. Don’t worry! We promise these are super easy!

  • Use a mirrored tray to reflect the illumination of the candles flame to increase its light. The mirror adds a reflective element to this chic idea.
  • Instead of just having a singular candle in the middle of a table, add a few highlighting points around the candle. Start with a framed picture, and a delicate bouquet of flowers. Creating an elegant tablespace with these items is a quick fix to add style to an empty space.  
  • If you are working with a small space an easy way to create layers is by using books! Take a few books laid down on their side to sit your candle on, this will give you new space to work with while also being an effortless focal point.
  • Decorative trays are making a comeback! Start with an earth toned tray, add a variety of different sized items, like a medium sized plant, your candle of course and a little jar filled with matches. Not only will you look like a styling pro, but this is interchangeable for any candle you want to use, just switch out your candle whenever you are ready for a new vibe.
  • Candles aren’t your thing? That’s okay, reed diffusers are just as easy to style. A great place for a diffuser is in on your makeup vanity. Bring the great scent of a candle without the flame. Keep It organized by setting your diffuser on a small tray with a small succulent or a small sculpture, your vanity will thank you.
  • Back to candles, the place in your home that can always use a good candle is your bathroom. Take a small tray that will fit on the back of your toilet and add your candle to the tray, then add decorative stones around candle to keep it in place. You can even do this with your reed diffusers!
  • If you have a long space like a console table, or mantel you need to style but don’t have a lot to work with try using garland. While being easy to dress up or down, you can keep just a single candle or add a variety of different sized candles to add more of an elegant feel.
  • Lights! Not so obvious but when you are setting up the whole vibe, you don’t want the lights around your candle to outshine the focus. Dim down the lights and let the candle set a dramatic and moody scene.
  • Check out what wax warmers! There are hundreds of cool incognito wax warmers that won’t be a burden to look at. Giving you a great piece of décor that also smells great! You can get them to match any décor you already have, and they last much longer than just one candle.
  • A new trend that is emerging is adding décor to cake stands. Again, this gives lots of dimension and is just an easy way to look instantly stylish without breaking the bank. As well, this keeps all your décor pieces together in a little curated area that is unique to you. Add a bouquet of flowers and art alongside your candle and you are a good to go!

We hope to have helped you on your candle styling journey, and given you the tools you need to style like a pro.

Keep these in mind next time you go to light your candle and use your creativity to set up your own perfect ambiance.  

For more styling tips you can check out our friends at Stylistic Designs

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