A home fragrance candle brand established in 2010, Wick’d Candles specializes in eco-friendly soy wax candles. Each product is luxuriously textured and finely finished infused with hand-picked fragrances to dazzle your life.

Known for its one of a kind fragrance portfolios, Wick’d aromas are subtle and evocative.

We wish to awaken your senses, to bring to your home and life, a deep sense of joy, serenity and illumination.

We believe that the right fragrance has the ability to transform a space, alter a mood and rekindle memories.

With a conscious commitment to our planet, we use natural soy wax and cotton wicks for our candles to give your place a much-needed makeover.

Our Candles are hand crafted. Individually poured proudly for you.

We support Australian Charities:


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