Est. 2010

An Australian Made home fragrance brand established in 2010, Wick’d Candles specialises in eco-friendly coco soy scented candles.
Each product is luxuriously textured and finely finished infused with hand-picked fragrances to dazzle your life.
Known for its one of a kind fragrance portfolio, Wick’d aromas are subtle and evocative.
With scents such as Coconut, Berries, Vanilla and Patchouli - we have something for everyone.
We wish to awaken your senses, to bring to your home and life, a deep sense of joy, serenity and illumination.
We believe that the right fragrance has the ability to transform a space, alter a mood and rekindle memories.
We take pride in being Australian Made and Owned, with delicately handmade and hand crafted products, for over 13 years.
Our Candles are hand crafted.
Individually poured proudly for you.