The Big Question - Soy Vs Paraffin

The Big Question - Soy Vs Paraffin

Living in a world where everyone is concerned about their health, it should come as no surprise that there are better alternatives to the average paraffin wax candle. However, when you look at the options you will find that not all wax is created equal.

This is where soy wax takes the stand for being eco-friendly, longer lasting, and for having an incredible scent distribution, commonly referred to as a candle’s “throw”.

Let’s take a deep dive into what makes soy the best option.

Soy VS Paraffin Wax

Soy wax simply put is the oil of soybeans, making this an ecofriendly product because soybeans are a renewable resource. This is especially important because paraffin wax candles are made from crude oil, making it a non-renewable resource.

This is especially important because paraffin wax when burning, emits toxic fumes. Burning paraffin was gives of toluene and benzene which are both linked to asthma and lung cancer. Paraffin wax also emits a high level of soot, while soy burns much cleaner meaning less soot.

Notably when there are multiple paraffine candles lit in the same area this could lead to skin irritation.  

Although this can take up to years for common side effects to appear it Is notable for the simple fact that there is a better nontoxic option, eliminating the need for a toxic option.

Burn time

Soy wax has a much lower melting point of 49 to 82 degrees Celsius effectively means a longer lifetime for your candle. While paraffin wax has a melting point much higher, making the burn time unsustainable and significantly shorter than soy.

Burn times might sound so important but when a soy wax candle lasts 25- 50% longer than its competitor, it makes s huge difference. Making this just another reason why soy is the best option when choosing your candles.

Scent Throw

Well, what is a scent throw?
A scent throw is how far a candle can distribute its smell. Meaning how far away can you smell your candle and how strong is that intended scent.

This is the difference between having one candle burning that is enough to cover your entire living and dining room, Vs needing to light a candle in every room.

Paraffin wax is thought to have a better scent through, however with is quicker burn time; it is a rather short-lived throw.

Luckily, since soy has a lower melting point, this makes for a more consistent burn, evenly distributing its scents, instead of a short burst of scents.

Cost effectiveness

Surprisingly, these two options are very close in sticker price, paraffin wax averaging about 10% less in cost to soy wax. However, due to the longer lasting burn that soy candles have this makes for a more cost-effective buy and if your account for the health benefits and scent throw, soy wax is your winner.


Although there are many other options when it comes to which wax you could be choosing to enter your home, this comparison shows the two most common waxes used. Taking a deep dive into how they will affect you on a day to say basis, helping you make the most informed decision for you’re at home candle needs.

Overall, we have learned the incredible benefits to choosing soy wax over its competitor. This ecofriendly option offers a longer burn time with an impressive scent throw, all while being non-toxic.

All this being said, we can’t make the decision for you, but we can tell you why we choose this option when making our product. Keeping your best interest in mind, that is good for you, the environment as well as your pocket.

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