Group Bath Fizzy Making Kit - suitable for 20 participants or more


Makes 20 Bath Fizzies

This kit is based on 4 groups of 5 participants and it will make enough for 1 bath fizzy mould or 2 fizzies each i.e 20 participants

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Perfect for Vacation Care/OOSH, Birthday parties, Community groups 

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Product by Make & Create with Wick’d 

Fizzy Kit for groups includes:

  • Suits 20 participants (4 groups of 5)

    • 2 x 1kg ingredient A (100g or ½ cup per person)
    • 1kg ingredient B (50 g per or ¼ cup per person) coloured with mica.
    • 1kg ingredient C (50g or ¼ cup per person)
    • 3 x measuring scoops
    • 20 x shea liquid oil (12ml per person) premeasured.
    • 20 x wooden spoons for mixing
    • 20 x 500g plastic mixing bowl takeaway style no lid
    • 20 x bath fizzy disc moulds - Just close and give as a gift, decorate etc!
    • 4 x fragrance oil with dropper top (2- 3 drops per person)
    • 4 x containers of dried botanicals
    • 4 x A4 Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions (4 group and 2 teacher copies)

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